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Why Choose Us

We have the most extensive class schedule in the area. This allows you to schedule classes that are more convenient for you. If you can’t make your scheduled class take the same class on a different day or take a makeup class that is more accommodating for you.

We have no hidden costs. All of our tuition costs are listed online. We have no late fees.

Our recital tickets are now sold online, the price is $17.00. The recital is held conveniently at Archbishop Wood High School. There is no set amount of tickets that you have to buy. Average Recital Length: 2 hours. Dress rehearsal is free. Average time spent at Dress Rehearsal for your dancer, if you have one dance 30 minutes. Two dances 45 minutes.

We have reasonable costume prices.
(You don’t have to purchase tights through us.)

Most of our classes have no more than a two year age span so your child is in a learning environment with their own peers. Example 5 to 6 years, 7 to 8 years and 11 to 12 years.

We have competitive and non-competitive classes.


Please call or email us to get in touch!