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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When is the studio closed for holidays?

    All our scheduled holidays and days off are listed under dates to remember.

  • How do I receive information from the dance school?

    We send out payment statements monthly. We also email any new and upcoming information
    about the dance school directly to you. You can also check our Instagram and Facebook
    accounts for updates.

  • Can I pay my tuition online?

    Yes, through your parent portal.

  • Where is your recital?

    Our recital is held at Archbishop Wood High School at 655 York Rd, Warminster, PA 18974.

  • Do dancers need a ticket for the recital?


  • How many tickets can I buy for the recital?

    You can buy 1 or 20 but be aware it is reserved seating.

  • Can I put a child on my lap for the recital?

    The child must be under 3 years of age.

  • Can dancers switch shows for the recital?

    Absolutely, several of our dances are in multiple shows.

  • How do I switch shows for the recital?

    Please contact us through email, phone, or stop by the front desk and we will be happy to help you.

  • What time should our dancer arrive for dress rehearsal and the recital?

    For the rehearsal please be there at least 15 minutes ahead of their scheduled and for the shows 30 minutes ahead.

  • Will my dancer see any of the show?

    Yes, after they perform, they will sit in the auditorium with their class…with supervision.

  • How long are the recitals?

    The show runs for about 1 hour and 15 minutes.

  • What should my dancer bring to the recital?

    Just their shoes they dance in please no cell phones, jewelry, or any item you don’t want to lose. If your child has more than one costume for the show, please drop it off at our front drop off point with our staff members before the show.


Please call or email us to get in touch!