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Joshua Jobs
Alumni, 2009 NYU Graduate, Citigroup Financial Analyst

Throughout the 10 years that I was a student at KRSD I learned as much about dance as I did about myself. The faculty and environment have been host to some of my best memories and greatest friends. Additionally, the skills that I have acquired have been transferable to internationally recognized studios in New York City. When joining the KRSD family the first door that you open is the studio door, but it is certainly not the last door of opportunity. Every time I come back, I come home to a family of the best people that I know.

Joanne Bombas

Both of my children, Anthony and Abigail have been a part of Kelly Richards School of Dance for the past 7 years. They love every moment of their dancing experience, from their classes to their show performances. As a parent, it is such a joy to watch them perform. The owners/teachers and staff really take their time to know all their kids individually and help them bring out the dancer inside them. Students learn great technique while learning how to be part of a team. KRSD is and always will be an important piece of my family’s life.

Meg Bontempo
Alumni, 2008 BS West Chester University

My sister and I came to KRSD from another dance studio when I was 10 years old. The entire studio was so welcoming and quickly made us part of the family. Spending most of my free time with my dance family, KRSD became my second home. The dance and performance training that I received here was the sole reason that I could continue to dance throughout college. As an overall competition captain, I was able to work with the team and other captains to achieve platinum and overall high score awards. I’ve made so many friends and memories that I will never forget. KRSD is truly an amazing dance studio in all aspects and I am so grateful to have been a part of it.

Amy Borgeson
Former Dance Mom and Current Dance Grandmother

27 years ago Kelly Richards School of Dance became a big part of our family. I signed my girls up for dance just as an activity and they fell in love with Miss Kelly immediately. The warmth and interest she took in all her students was remarkable. My girls saw Kelly dance on stage at their first recital and were hooked for life. Kelly made dancing and competing fun for all the girls. She is a fantastic chorographer and a truly amazing person. I’ve been to many other dance school recitals of friends and none are run as smoothly and are as entertaining as Kelly’s. The technique and skills learned at KRSD helped my girls get working dance jobs. The influence that Kelly had on my daughters made them better people and opened the doors to many opportunities. My granddaughters are now dancing and competing there…so the fun continues.

Veronica Connelly

My daughter Julia is going into her 10th year of dance at Kelly Richards and she loves every minute of it. She always comes home from class happy and never once has she asked to skip it. As a matter of fact, she keeps asking to add more classes! My daughter loves KRSD because it’s fun and she says it feels like one big happy family. As a parent, I love KRSD because they are nurturing, fun and affordable. I have watched my daughter mature as a dancer and I feel so proud seeing her up on stage, her self-confidence shining thru. I truly appreciate the atmosphere at the studio – they always educate and encourage in a positive manner. My daughter spends about ten hours a week at the studio and I feel completely confident that she is in a healthy environment, learning & loving dance. I recommend Kelly Richards School of Dance to every mom I know.

Nicole Branton
Alumni, 2012 Boston College

When I look back on my time at KRSD I think of nothing but good memories. Every time I arrived at dance class, I knew that I was coming to learn to be a better dancer, but I also knew that I was walking into an environment that was filled with encouragement and love. The teachers at KRSD have been incredible influences for me, offering me support in not just my dance experiences but also in my life experiences. In addition, one of the best parts of KRSD was being able to dance alongside friends that quickly became my family. Overall, throughout my fourteen years at KRSD, it became not just a place to dance, but the place that I call my second home and that is filled with people that I love. Even now as an alum, I love walking back through the doors of KRSD and experiencing a piece of home that I deeply treasure.

Dorothy Diehl

Excellent dance school! Teachers encouraging, patient and provide well rounded experience. Competition team is awesome. No worries…families attending this dance school are kind – it’s nothing like Dance Moms! 🙂 BEST dance school for sure!

Gina Giarratana

Kelly Richards School of Dance is an amazing studio. My daughter, now 15, has been dancing there since she was 3. The quality instruction she has received has turned her into a beautiful dancer. Not only has Kelly Richards School of dance taught my daughter how to dance, it has also taught her discipline, determination, and teamwork. KRSD is like a home away from home for us–a family atmosphere with a passion for dance! Thank you KRSD for everything!

Kathleen Muller MSN, RN, CNM
Nurse Manager

I am a nurse by trade but a DANCE MOM at heart!! I am a different kind of DANCE MOM than the ones you may have seen on TV. I want my children to learn and grow in a studio environment that encourages grace, independence and self-esteem. My daughters are 18 and 11 and “WE” have danced at Kelly Richards School of Dance for the past 15 years!! I say “WE” because even I have danced in the recital in the Mom tap and jazz dances!! GREAT FUN!! My husband always says to us, “It’s all about the DANCE!” After all, we spend most of our time at the dance studio with the competition team classes or the variety of classes that Kelly has always provided.

The “thing” is…It isn’t all about the dance at Kelly Richards. The atmosphere is ALWAYS professional and encouraging of our dancers!! Kelly’s studio has always been my daughters’ home away from home. My oldest daughter Samantha just graduated high school and has begun her college career. This past senior year was amazing and Kelly and her team made her last year in dance so beautifully memorable. Senior Prom night, Samantha and the other senior dancers arrived at the dance studio for pictures with their Dance Mom Kelly. Kelly is so beloved by all her students and this is but one delightful story of many. My youngest daughter Colleen has had a different dance journey than her older sister. Kelly never pressured Colleen to be like Samantha. Kelly truly encouraged her to be and dance as Colleen!! Each dancer is unique and Kelly brings out the magnificence in all!!

At Kelly Richards School of Dance, your dancer will have fun, play and acquire grace and discipline that only the art of dancing can provide! What makes Kelly’s dance studio unique and stand apart from all the others…Kelly encourages your dancer through positivity, kindness and her greatest gift of all; your child’s self-esteem and self expression through dance!!

Lexi Colasanto
Competition Team, Tamanend Middle School

I’ve been dancing at Kelly Richards School of Dance since I was three years old. I remember the smile on my face when I performed during the recital and loved the feeling of little pink ballet shoes on my feet. I was asked to dance on the competition team at the age of five. Today marks the eighth year that I’ve been on the team. Every week, I love coming to class and doing what I love. Dance isn’t just a hobby or interest, it’s a passion. When I dance, I can just let go and be myself (even with a beard on my face or dressed as a playing card!). I’ve made many friendships that I will cherish and hope to someday carry on my journey and be a professional dancer. All the dance instructors are great and motivational they push me to try my hardest and make me the best I can be at achieving my goals. Even though sometimes I spend my Saturday hours on end in Studio C, in the end, it’s all worth it. When I step foot into the school Monday night or Saturday morning, I cannot wait to see spunky Miss Kel or peppy Miss Nancy. The dance environment KRSD provides makes you feel like a piece to the puzzle. You’re not only meeting people, but joining a family and starting to share a special bond between you and your fellow dancers. I strive to use my dance knowledge and techniques and to one day, put it to good use in a great dance environment just like mine now. KRSD has been my second home and I won’t want to leave when I’m a senior, but in the end I’ve realized, I have and will continue to strengthen my knowledge and put it to good use. Thanks to all my teachers and friends for helping me become the dancer I am today.

Elizabeth Grzywacz

My girls, Becky and Aubrey, have danced at Kelly Richards School of Dance for six years. Every time I see them perform, I am amazed. Miss Kelly’s choreography is absolutely top notch, and all the students are able to execute it flawlessly due to the great training they receive. The teachers at KRSD really focus on developing technique and provide tons of individualized attention. On top of that, the school is such a warm and friendly place that my girls consider it a second home (and probably prefer it to their real home)! If you want your kids to become incredibly talented dancers in a warm, fun, friendly environment, you must send them to KRSD!


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