Singing In The Rain First Overall Competitive Teen Line    Do-Sei-Do Second Overall  Competitive Teen Line


 Jersey Boys Third Overall Competitive Teen Line             America


Lucky Day First Overall Teen INT Line                             Are You Ready For a Miracle Second Overall Teen INT Line 


Winner Takes it All 1st Overall Teen Duet                         Higher Ground First Overall Competitive Teen Large Group 


Perm                                                                             Hit The Road Jack


Braveheart 2nd Overall Junior Line                                   Sea Cruise 3rd Overall Junior Line 


Free Me 1st Overall Competitive Teen Small Group            It's A Small World 


Queen Bee 5th Overall Senior Teen                                   The Prayer 2nd Overall Competitive Teen


Put A Spell On You 1st Overall INT Teen                           Halo 2nd Overall INT Teen


I Hate Boys 3rd Overall INT Teen                                     You Don't Bring Me Flowers 5th Overall INT Teen 



Holding Out for A Hero 5th Overall Junior Solo