Copacabana - 1st Place Overall 6 and Under Winner


How Will I Know - 1st Place Overall 7/8 Winner


Inspector Gadget - 1st Place Overall Junior Line Winner  


Hip To Be Square - 4th Place Overall Junior Large Group Winner


You Get What You Give - 3rd Place Overall Senior Small Group Winner


Runnin Your Mouth - 4th Place Overall Senior Small Group Winner


I Will Survive - 7th Place Overall Senior Large Group Winner


Pump It Up - 1st Place Overall Senior Line Winner


The Lake - 2nd Place Overall Senior Line Winner


Happy/Think - 3rd Place Overall Senior Line Winner


Shea - 1st Place Overall Teen Soloist Winner


Alexa - 2nd Place Overall Senior Soloist Winner


Hope - 3rd Place Overall Teen Soloist Winner


Heather - 4th Place Overall Senior Soloist Winner


Angelina - 4th Place Overall Teen Soloist Winner 



Emily - 5th Place Overall Teen Soloist Winner

Emily Was Also Invited To Perform In

The Beyond The Stars National Opening Number


Abby - 5th Place Overall Senior Soloist Winner


Delany - 6th Place Overall Senior Soloist Winner


Cecilia - 8th Place Overall Teen Soloist Winner


Congratulations goes to Miss Nancy for Winning the Outstanding Achievement Award and the chance to be entered for the IDC award.


Congratulations to Miss Danielle for the 2019 Precision Award.