First Placer Overall Large Group 6-8 Loaded

First Place Overall Large Group 9-11 Boyfriends Back

Fifth Place Overall Solo 9-11 Bad Girls

First Place Overall Line 9-11 The Entertainer

Second Place Overall Solo 12-14 For All We Know

Ninth Place Overall Solo 15-19 When I Grow Up

Seventh Place Overall Solo 15-19 Woman

Fifth Place Overall Solo 15-19 Just Dance

Third Place Overall Solo 15-19 Survivor

Second Place Overall Solo 15-19 Let Me Be Your Star

Third Place Overall Small Group 12-14 Mad Man

Third Place Overall Small Group 15-19 Trees

First Place Overall Small Group 15-19 Bad Man

Third Place Overall Large Group 12-14 Believe

First Overall Line 15-19 Ol’ Bamboo

Fourth Place Overall Solo 15-19 Uninvited

Best Costume 9-11 Memory Great Job Miss Melissa!!!

Best Costume 15-19 Heaven Knows

Beauty and Grace Award La Fille

Junior Photogenic Winner Lilly Bean

Judges Choice Class Scholarship Back To Black

Most Entertaining - Loaded

Judges Choice - Material Girl

The Hollywood Dance Experience: Back To Black, Bad Girls, Bad Man, Believe, For All We Know, Just Dance, La Fille, Let Me Be Your Star, Mad Man, Boyfriends Back, Ol’ Bamboo, Survivor, Entertainer, Trees, Uninvited.